silicone wristbands wholesale
have been made famous with sports personalities promoting and campaigning for charitable causes, many organisations harness the power of the now very popular silicone wristbands wholesale
silicone wristbands wholesale
can be molded with an embossed or de-embossed design or they can be printed on, there is also glow in the dark and scented silicone wristbands wholesale
Types of silicone wristbands wholesale
Standard silicone; Silicone has taken the market by storm. Silicone wristbands are the perfect marketing, advertising and promotional tool. They are this decade’s coolest fashion accessory. They are comfortable to wear, long lasting and hygienic. silicone wristbands wholesale
can be printed, embossed or de-bossed.
The interlinked silicone wristband; (two wristbands connected) is a hot new variation of the ever popular silicone wristband. The perfect solution for promotion team or school colours. The interlinked silicone band offers several different design options.
Buyers can de-emboss both wristbands, have one printed and the other de-embossed, have both wristbands printed, or simply have two different colours and no message. Each band measures 12mm wide with a diameter of 202mm.
Your own special pattern or message is cut into the silicone band, leaving a unique pattern on the band and then the logo/message is filled with a colour of your choice. The Silicone is durable and long lasting. The perfect way to stand out from the rest! (Band width 12mm and 202mm long)
Single Colour silicone wristbands; Simple and stylish and available in ANY colour you desire, including metallic colours like Gold and Silver.
Multi Colour silicone wristbands wholesale
; Up to 6 colours are segmented on the band this is Ideal for personalizing wristbands with sport team colours, school colours or brand specific colours.
Colour changing silicone wristbands; Bands will change colour in temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius. silicone wristbands wholesale
can be worn in the water and will work well in spas and heated pools. They are tough and long-lasting and also available in a wide range of colours.
UV Reflective silicone wristbands; Bands will change colour in the sun. Wristbands are ideal for the summer months. Will work in and out of water and are durable and long lasting and available in a wide range of colours.
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